The Openwork Panels
Bespoke pieces
A&D Groshenry (FR) 2023

Solid blocks of oak are scribed, sculpted, sanded, and dyed by hand, making up a huge composition through the use of dense patches and open gaps. It subtly evokes objects used in hospitality and gastronomy: carafes, wine glasses, and crockery.

These openwork panels come between the dining spaces and the passage of service through the restaurant, protecting the guests’ privacy.

We cut and sanded each piece of local oak, faceting them and hollowing out the grain.

Each of the 143 sculpted objects take their place on large untreated metal structures.


Photography by Yoan Jeudy

The partition in place, protecting the foyer and providing the lounge with some intimacy.

Together, the piece takes on the appearance of a dresser.

photography by Adrien Touzot

Searching for balance between the nobility of the oak, the comfort of the velvet, and the finesse of the glassware…

photography by Yoan Jeudy


photography by Yoan Jeudy
Thank you to Angélique and Dominique, to Aymeric Bas, Gaétan Nozet, Stéphane Besnard and all the gang from Les Berthes