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Betty Ithié (FR) 2023

This elegant apartment had previously remained closed to visitors for over 100 years, as if it were sleeping.


From the reception hall to the art deco smoking room, following a pair of moulded sliding doors, trails a polished herringbone parquet floor.

Here we discover a space with rounded edges, large, lightly patterned mirrors, and a stained-glass window looking out onto the courtyard.

This is the space in which its curator Betty has set the stage for exceptional characters such as Isabel Marant, Maison Margiela, Dries van Noten and Rick Owens, as well as Frédéric Malle and Astier de Villate to be embodied.

Now it’s up to us to seamlessly slip a new use into this extraordinary venue.

The taut fabric in the room’s rounded coves will be replaced by a terrazzo, made to measure and fitted to perfectly harmonise with the existing curves.


Photography by Yoan Jeudy

The jewellery cabinets will be burnished with copper powder in our workshop.



Photography by Alice Durin

The old smoking library, the space sculpted by a mirror effect, will become the new fitting room in the Appartements de Juju.


Photography by Alice Durin
Photography by Yoan Jeudy

The art deco forged iron grate is restored, burnished, and polished.


photography by Yoan Jeudy
Photography by Alice Durin

Thanks to Betty for her trust, her inventiveness and good humour, as well as to Alexandre Salomon, Laurent Voyonnet, Gaétan Nozet, David Graux and Laïka.