minéral relief
Bespoke pieces
A&D Groshenry (FR) 2023

Inventing a unique visual vocabulary  

A formal lexicon of curves has been imagined for this subtly demanding, timeless venue.
It takes its inspiration from the arts of the table: the profile of a carafe, the stem of a wine glass, a basket, or a fruit bowl become the contours of a bas-relief composition.

This vast layered still life plays on the silhouettes’ sinuous nature, their full depiction deliberately elusive.


First sketches in search of timelessness and minimalism

Research through drawings and paper cut-outs allowed us to create a language inspired by the arts of the table, halfway between abstraction and full portrayal.

The first mock-ups … on a real-life scale.

Differently sized pieces are assembled on site overnight.

The canvas takes its place on the restaurant’s large back wall, divided in 2 by one of the building’s stone pillars.

The mix of lime, marble powder, and natural pigments dries slowly …

until it becomes a mineral bas-relief.

détail by Yoan Jeudy

Photography by Adrien Touzot

The forms in 1802’s long fresco, left free to interpretation, make up a metallic backdrop, changing with the light 

Photography by Adrien Touzot


Thank you to Angélique & Dominique for their deep trust, as well as Charles, Mina & Sacha for their support, to Nat Vergne for her great mutual help Yoan Jeudy for following the project’s evolution.