The Madras beaches in India are not populated by the usual mix of gulls, but instead by dark ravens.
This strange vision has stayed with us… The ocean, the sand, the blue of the sea, the light, all of these appeared tainted with the presence of this shadow-like flock.

The evocative power of this bird, as well as the mythology surrounding it, convinced us to make it the focal aspect of one of our collections.

There is no need for deep interpretations; the bird’s figure alone changes a location’s atmosphere. Alfred, Edgar, Adam, Gustav, Jack, and Karl take their cues from the works of Hitchcock, Poe, and Lou Reed, imbuing the area with mystery, trouble, and oddity.



This collection was created for the reception and bar of La Rodia, a modern music venue in Besançon (F). But how do you bestow a soul, a rebellious spirit, upon a newly constructed venue? Rather than constructing a monolithic piece, we decided to populate the site with these dark figures, the symbolic bird so often referenced in iconic rock lyrics ranging from songs by Lou Reed to The Cure. The whole venue is bursting with these birds, like an avian invasion.

Thanks to Manou Combi & la Rodia, ibride, and Adrien Angebault for the project’s development.